Several music fans who recently bought concert tickets on Ticketmaster through the company's website and app reacted with shock when the tickets they purchased disappeared from their online Ticketmaster accounts starting on Thursday (Oct. 20).

Subsequently, many shared their frustration with Ticketmaster on Twitter. But as of this posting, early on Friday (Oct. 21), the monolithic ticket sales company owned by Live Nation has not responded en masse to the issue on its Twitter account or its dedicated support account. Individually, however, it has asked those who complain to direct message their issue.

See the tweets near the bottom of this page.

One fan, who shared a screenshot of their purchased tickets section on the Ticketmaster app coming up blank, lashed into the company. "fix our tickets," they said. "mine have been gone for over 3 hours. you don't understand how stressful this is. i paid over 400 dollars for my tickets … and for them not to be in my account is unacceptable."

Another commenter remarked, "Yo @Ticketmaster my tickets better be back in my account by the time I wake up tomorrow or we are gonna have problems." These are just two of many complaints fans aired about the issue in the last 24 hours.

Several fans guessed the issue may be a glitch within Ticketmaster's system. "All I know is Ticketmaster better figure out this fucking glitch in their system," one said.

Earlier this year, Live Nation and Ticketmaster were sued for predatory selling practices. (Ticketmaster merged with the ubiquitous concert promoter in 2010.) Earlier this year, U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell of New Jersey called for an anti-monopolistic breakup of the corporation. The difficulty in using Ticketmaster's site was recently highlighted by blink-182's Mark Hoppus.

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