Head USA has announced its newest line of big mountain skis, and they are embossed with Motörhead designs and logos. Without sacrificing style or innovation, the Motörhead series combines groundbreaking technology with an edgy appeal, featuring graphics designed by Motörhead. Bitchin', right?

None are as badass as Motörhead, so these skis will certainly turn heads when you hit the slopes. They are edgy, rock 'n' roll and feature skulls and dark, arresting images.

The Boneshaker Ski has a more brown, neutral palette, while the Rock 'n' Roll Ski is green in hue. "I don't like to rise early in the morning, but I prefer skis that have early rise," said frontman Lemmy Kilmister in a statement.

The Motörhead family consists of four models varying in width from 94mm to 125mm. With a unique wooden core, the density from the tip to tail of the skis is eliminated, reducing swing weight and providing the skier with more controlled turns. Full sidewall laminate constructions and heavy metal edges deliver the rock-solid stability that big mountain skiers crave. That part was for all the true ski buffs; the rest of us metalheads just think they're so metal, they crap iron ore.

Lemmy also said, "If you want to drop some sick lines like my badass bass playing, then you'd better rock Motörhead skis." Lemmy has spoken -- time for you to comply.

Go here to check out these metallic skis.

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