Motorhead were scheduled to perform tomorrow in Milan, Italy, but have bowed out of the See-Rock Festival at the last minute due to a health issue with frontman Lemmy Kilmister.

Festival organizers reported the news on their website, stating: "We are sorry to report that Motorhead will be forced to cancel the appearance in Milan, June 25. The band regret it very much but will make it up to all the fans as soon as possible."

The festival's Facebook page goes on to add that the cancellation had to do with a serious health issue concerning Lemmy. The frontman reportedly suffered an acute hematoma and his doctor asked him not to travel. A hematoma is a mass of unusually clotted blood caused by a broken blood vessel that forms in a tissue, organ or body space. The specifics of Kilmister's hematoma have not been discussed any further.

This is not the frontman's only health issue. It was recently revealed in a Classic Rock magazine article that Kilmister had also been fitted with a defibrillator to deal with an irregular heartbeat.

Though the short notice left officials scrambling, the See-Rock Festival was able to get top Austrian rock band Alkbottle to fill the void on the bill.