After a lengthy departure, bassist-vocalist David Vincent returned to the Morbid Angel fold in 2004. The band's new album, 'Illud Divinum Insanus,' marks the first time founding member Vincent has recorded with the death metal legends since 1995. The rocker recently spoke to Noisecreep about a few tracks on the record to help ramp up excitement for the album's June 11th release.

"The first single is a song called 'Nevermore,'" Vincent said. "When we decided to do another record, when we were kicking that idea around, that was the first track we came up with. [Guitarist] Trey [Azagthoth] had a collection of three songs that he had demo ideas for, and that was the one we picked to work on first. It came together quickly. We added that to the live set for a couple years, so that is the one people will recognize right off as being this song they've heard before. The B-side of that single is a rather odd track that we did, 'Destructos Vs. the Earth.' I don't want to say that it's experimental, but it is an interesting track, but it's not the album version of the track. It's remix of our song done by an artist well-known in their own right, the industrial act Combichrist."

Bazil Zerinsky
Bazil Zerinsky

Morbid Angel chose Combichrist to remix the song because of leader Andy LaPlegua's enthusiasm and creativity. "[Andy] was keen on the idea and we wanted to do some stuff that is different, and that was definitely different," Vincent says. The band isn't too worried about a negative reaction to such a left-of-center track. "We do what we do and it's just something we did," Vincent says. "It'll raise eyebrows. That's okay. That's a bonus. If you dig it, cool. If you don't, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I like diversity. If metal cannibalizes itself and does not break new ground, that's what kills music genres."

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