Miss May I, a new signing to Rise Records, weren't shy about revealing some of the skeletons buried deep within their closet. Okay, so maybe vocalist Levi Benton didn't tell Noisecreep anything seedy and salacious, but we do feel like BFFs after he told us some things about his band that you wouldn't be able to tell from looking at them or hearing their music, which, by the way, is as vicious as a starving pit bull, thanks to its Swedish death metal influenced riffs and screamtastic vocals. The Dayton, Ohio band's Rise debut, 'Apologies Are for the Weak,' came out June 23.

Drummer Jerod Boyd played first snare in the marching band "until we picked him up," Benton revealed. "He never played set in his life! That was a year-and-a-half ago. He was the khaki short polo and calculator in the pocket kind of guy. And a short-haired, all-around d-bag. Then we just asked him if we could try him out. He sucked but had a rhythm. Then he got his own kit and has destroyed ever since."

Benton admitted that he has a fake bottom lip. "It is partially fake from being bitten off in an accident as a kid." Benton bit his lip on the curb in a bike accident. He had plastic surgery and you can still see the scar, but he can't feel any of his lip.

Benton also told us that bassist Josh Gillespie is so obsessed with comics that he has a comic book themed tattoo on one arm. "He has Batman on the top of his arm, with a city skyline, just because he looked up to him as a kid. Then the rest of his arm is covered in an image of a battle between Subzero and Scorpion because, well, that's just badass!"

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