On Sept.18, 2007, Ministry released 'The Last Sucker,' the last of three sequential studio albums of bracing, throbbing industrial metal with lyrics denouncing the Bush administration as corrupt, murderous crooks. At the time, ringleader Al Jourgensen said the album would be the absolute final Ministry album. Of course, he wasn't counting the 2008 covers album 'Cover Up,' the 2009 live CD and DVD releases 'Adios ... Putas Madres' or the remix album, 'The Last Dubber,' which came out on Sept. 16.

The new Ministry remix disc features nine of 11 songs from 'The Last Sucker' reworked by Revolting Cocks member Clayton Worbeck, and one each mixed by "John Bechdel (Killing Joke, Ministry) and DJ Hardware. 'The Last Dubber' marks the fourth in a series of remix records from Jourgensen's 13th Planet Records, and the final Ministry offering that will be remixed -- assuming, of course, that there are no more Ministry albums to come.

"No man, 'The Last Sucker' was the final Ministry record, man, come on," ringleader Al Jourgensen tells Noisecreep in mock anger. "Your picking gnats out of cow turds. Yeah, like the Ministry reality show comes next. Leave me the f--- alone."

Earlier this year, 13th Planet released Prong's 'Power of the Damn Mixer,' a remix of their 2007 album 'Power of the Damager.' And on Sept. 29, the label will put out 'Sex-O MiXXX-O,' featuring remixes of Revolting Cocks' fifth studio album 'Sex-O Olympic-O,' which came out in March. The record features revamps by various industrial veterans, including Luc Van Acker and Dave 'Rave' Ogilvie.

"I think the remix albums are cool because they give you different perspectives by different people," Jourgensen says. "Next year, what we're doing instead of releasing dub albums is we're releasing all our stems from the mixes, so you can go to a software company and download it all [and mix it] yourself."

While Ministry will never tour again, Revolting Cocks will remain a viable road band for years to come. The group is currently in the middle of the Lubraca Tour, which runs through Oct. 30 in Austin, Texas with a lineup that features Joshua Bradford, Sin Quirin, Clayton Worbeck, Aaron Rossi and Murv Douglas every night. Jourgensen showed up at the Sept. 10 opening gig in his hometown of El Paso, Texas to join the group on sax for the Rod Stewart cover 'Do You Think I'm Sexy?' He will make encore appearances Sept. 27 in Los Angeles, Oct. 6 in Chicago and Oct. 17 in New York City.

"I get escorted onstage by at least 10 to 15 strippers," Jourgensen says. "The thing is, I've never played sax in my life. But it's okay. It's not that hard. You got these reed pieces and mouthpieces and buttons. And I got showed the four notes I have to hit, and I'm going through a distortion box, so it should be fine. In other words, when in doubt, distort. I blow the thing and sing the choruses and I've got 10 strippers around me, so what could go wrong?"

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