Last week, it was reported that a 50-year-old metalhead had suffered from a chronic subdural hematoma (bleeding in the brain) seemingly as a result from headbanging too hard during a Motorhead performance. This may be the most metal health story in the history of the world, and Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee reacted to the news during an interview with Metal Hammer (watch above).

After what must have been a monumental headbanging session, the anonymous fan was reportedly complaining of a two-week long headache. While getting checked out at the hospital, the hematoma was found during a CT scan, leading doctors to drill a hole into the Motorhead fan's brain in order to relieve the bleeding.

Mikkey Dee commented on the rare occurrence, wishing the ill fan well. "The first thing I thought [after hearing about the German metal fan] was, 'Oh, no! Poor guy.' Of course, we don't want anyone to get hurt at our shows. And it obviously had a happy ending and they made something, for us, quite positive for it, I guess. They said, 'It's confirmed, Motorhead is the hardest-rocking band in the world.'"

Dee adds, "I feel for the guy. I'm sorry for him that he ended up getting [injured] that bad from being at a Motorhead show. But I think we're gonna send him a hockey helmet and maybe a neck brace or something. He's gotta take it a little bit cooler."

When asked if he was surprised by the medical news, Dee offered an interesting response. "I'm not surprised at all, actually," Dee begins. "This s--t happens to us all the time. We said all these years that we're like 'Spinal Tap' and no script. If it is gonna be any band that ends up with these type of stories, it's obviously us. I'm not surprised. I just don't like when it's injury involved or people getting hurt, but if it does have a happy ending, yeah, I'm sure the guy can forgive us."

Meanwhile, TMZ caught up with Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford to get his opinion on the Motorhead fan's injury, with the bassist commenting on his own "banger neck" issues he'd get from rocking out too hard onstage.

Motorhead are currently making their way through Europe this summer, with the band's first ever Motorboat festival cruise set for a Sept. 22 launch.

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