Mike Portnoy just loves the Hello Kitty drum kits! In fact, he just picked up one of his own kits since recording a viral video for Loudwire, and during a Winery Dogs gig in Nashville, Tenn., Portnoy added a few more pieces to his drum solo by bringing out a Hello Kitty kit for the crowd.

Mike Portnoy's 'Name That Tune' on a Hello Kitty Drum Kit segment has quickly become the most popular video on our YouTube channel with over 1.7 million views and counting since we put it up earlier this month. We already know how much Mike loves the Hello Kitty video, but he took it to a new level when he actually played one of the tiny kits onstage.

This clip is from Oct. 20 at Nashville's Wild Horse Saloon. Any fan of Portnoy's knows that they're going to get a drum solo when they see any of his bands, and the Winery Dogs is no exception. About a minute and a half into his solo, Mike brought out a Hello Kitty kit from behind his own mammoth collection of drums. After bashing the kids toy for a little, Portnoy took his solo all the way around the stage, clanking his sticks against the wooden floor, mic stands and the rig holding his main kit together.

Check out the footage for yourself above and if you haven't already, watch Mike Portnoy's original Hello Kitty video below!

Mike Portnoy: 'Name That Tune' on Hello Kitty Drum Kit

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