Golf carts can be so much fun, especially when you've had a few.

Mick Brown, who has drummed for the likes of Ted Nugent and Dokken and is known as "Wild" Mick Brown, got drunk last night (July 8) and took a golf cart for a wild ride in Bangor, Maine. While no one was injured during his antics, Brown did create quite a few headaches for local authorities. The incident sounds like something out of a sitcom. His descriptive nickname sounds more than appropriate!

At just before 10PM, local officers at the Bangor Waterfront Pavilion, the concert venue where Brown, 55, was performing with the Nuge, discovered a problem behind the stage. It was Brown driving a Waterford Concerts golf cart while intoxicated. He was driving recklessly, too.

There were several attempts to stop him from operating the cart, but those failed, as he sped away. He eventually drove on the foot path of the Sea Dog restaurant. Yikes.

He was later seen with two women, both of whom had boarded the vehicle.

When cops tried to halt him, Brown accelerated and when he was within arm's length, he actually shoved an officer. He was then physically removed from the cart by security guards and placed on the ground, where he was arrested.

The only damage sustained was to traffic cones, one of which remains lodged under the relatively in tact golf cart.

Brown was taken to county jail and charged with multiple counts, including operating under the influence of alcohol, driving to endanger, theft and assault. He was released on $4,000 bail and his initial court date is set for Aug. 15.

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