Michael McKean isn't a metal musician, but he plays one in the funniest movie of all time, "This Is Spinal Tap." In the film, McKean, aka David St. Hubbins, has to deal with a controlling girlfriend and jealous bandmates, but yesterday in New York City, the actor faced something far worse, as he was struck by a car on the Upper West Side.

The 64-year-old comedy vet suffered a broken leg, the New York Daily News reports, and will have to bow out of tonight's performance of "The Best Man," the play he's starring in on Broadway.

"It's the first time he will have ever missed a curtain in his entire life," said publicist Harriet Sternberg. "He's never missed stage, screens in film or television. His understudy has never gone on in 40-plus years."

McKean -- also known for portraying Lenny on "Laverne and Shirley" -- is in stable condition at St. Luke's Hospital. His wife, actress Annette O'Toole, is reportedly en route from Los Angeles to be by his side.

"He'll be okay, hopefully he'll be fine," said Sternberg. "It's pretty devastating."

Indeed, the photos are pretty gnarly, what with a busted windshield and toppled mailbox and garbage can. Police don't suspect any criminality in the matter, and according to the Daily News, two other people were taken to St. Luke's.

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