Laughter ... it can be infectious, but can it be used to make music? A YouTuber with a fondness for Metallica named Lars Von Trier certainly thinks so. Get ready for a chuckle or two (or many) watching his remix now titled "The Four Laughing Horsemen."

Von Trier has scoured the Internet for interview footage and found a number of clips of James Hetfield and former Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine cracking up with laughter. He's then managed to splice a variety of different laughs together and use it to go along with a hard driving instrumental version of "The Four Horsemen."

Watch as Von Trier picks out different cadences of laughter -- some are chuckles, others are full on belly laughs -- with both Hetfield and Mustaine's joyous cackles able to help him maneuver through the song's stylistic shifts.

Von Trier certainly has a thing for the sound of laughter and Metallica, as he's previously created such remixes as "Symphony of Laughter," "Atlas, Laugh" and "Spit Out the Laugh." He's done similar chuckle clips for subjects outside of the Metallica universe as well. Check out his YouTube channel here.

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