Metallica are perhaps the biggest heavy metal band of all time. The group’s 30th anniversary has come and gone and they are still surrounded by their dedicated fan base with no signs of slowing down. Now, some of those 30-plus years as a group have been commemorated in a 28-page comic book biography about the band. It’s called Orbit: Metallica and will give fans an illustrated history of how the group formed. You can check out some of the artwork from the book above and below and buy the full color print edition here for $3.99.

In a Facebook post by comic book producers StormFront Media, Jayfi Hashim, who was the interior artist for the book talked about the band’s influence. “Metallica’s formation marks the beginning of metal, breeding thrash metal which progresses to heavy metal during the glam rock era," commented Hashim. "Many people get it wrong when they say Metallica is a rock band. They’re not. They are the very definition of a metal band. They were daring, innovative, and the story of their beginning fascinates me.” Check out a few of his illustrated pages below.

Cover illustrator David Frizell, who has done work for Avenged Sevenfold, talked about designing the comic’s front cover (check out the alternate covers above.) “It’s Metallica! What rock artist wouldn’t jump at the chance to draw them?,” commented Frizell. “I’ve followed them their entire career. They are the most influential metal band ever…I wanted the cover to be iconic and to look like it could be their next album cover.”

This isn't the first time StormFront Media has produced an illustrated biography about a band. The team has previously published comics (under the name Bluewater Comics) about Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne and more. Buy your print copy of Orbit: Metallica now.

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