Metallica's history is quite extensive, as we've seen through the band's dedication to sharing past live audio archives. But the group is now ready for even more sharing, announcing the launch of The Metallica Black Box, a portal that will serve to showcase the band's many keepsakes, photographs, articles of clothing, sketches and various other memorabilia and collectibles.

"We’ve been incredibly fortunate to travel to all corners of the planet, meet so many amazing people, and do things we once only dreamed of. And when you’ve been around for 40 years, you manage to collect a few things! Along the way, the four of us have hung onto many keepsakes, photographs, articles of clothing, sketches and so much more, stashing these items away in attics, garages and storage spaces. But no more as we’re excited to launch The Metallica Black Box," writes the group.

"Debuting with The Black Album Exhibition, The Black Box will offer an ongoing deep dive into every era of our career from the early ’80s garage days up to today and beyond," they continue. "Years in the works, we are now officially 'unboxing' our collections and pulling our favorite, most significant, and personally meaningful artifacts in collaboration with our friends at Inveniem and Definitive Authentic."

Features available exclusively in the Black Box will range from the virtual to the physical – including weekly livestream events to extremely limited signed memorabilia. And it should be noted that the Black Box will be an ever growing space, with the band digging deeper into their vaults to focus on more items within the years ahead.

"We’ll continue to add to The Black Album Exhibition with additional artifacts posted before the end of the year. Next year we’ll return with new exhibits, including a 40-year retrospective and a showcase of the incredible creations of the brilliant graphic artists we’ve worked with over the years. Grab a beverage and a snack and dive in deep to The Metallica Black Box," state the band.

At present, fans can view some of the memorabilia, live performances from touring in support of their self-titled "Black Album" and you can also shop for limited edition Metallica artifacts. Jump right in at the Metallica Black Box website.

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