We're officially past the halfway mark in 2019 and industry trade magazine Pollstar has just published two Top 100 lists, one for the top grossing worldwide tours and one tabulating the top grossing North American tours thus far. We've compiled the earning figures for Metallica, KISS, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Disturbed, Panic! At the Disco and other rock and metal artists.

Metallica have played just 26 shows so far in 2019, but the substantial earnings from these gigs landed them at the No. 4 spot for worldwide tour earnings, which included all touring artists, not just rock and metal. They've collected a cool $69.7 million. KISS ($58.1 million) and Trans-Siberian Orchestra ($57.3 million) were the only other rock or metal artists to crack the Top 10 in the worldwide category, with impressive figures from a wealth of other heavier acts making the Top 100.

If you're wondering, it was Elton John who nabbed the No. 1 spot, taking in $82.6 million across 56 concerts on his farewell tour.

Moving on to midyear North American tour figures, it's KISS and Trans-Siberian Orchestra in the Top 10 with the same earnings as seen above. One figure that really stands out is Greta Van Fleet ($4.5 million) just edging out Five Finger Death Punch and Breaking Benjamin ($4.4 million).

As for the top grossing North American tour, pop star Pink was the only one to breach $80 million with a total of $81.8 million at the No. 1 spot.

See tour earnings for rock and metal artists below. For the full midyear worldwide report, head here and for the full midyear North American report, check this location.

Note: Pollstar's figures are taken from Nov. 22, 2018 through May 22, 2019.

Pollstar 2019 Midyear Worldwide Tours:

04. Metallica ($69.7 million)
07. KISS ($58.1 million)
08. Trans-Siberian Orchestra ($57.3 million)
30. Twenty One Pilots ($23.1 million)
43. Panic! At the Disco ($15.1 million)
48. Roger Waters ($11.9 million)
51. Disturbed ($11 million)
61. Muse ($9.3 million)
62. Aerosmith ($9.2 million)
65. Weezer/Pixies ($9 million)
75. Shinedown ($8.1 million)
100. Def Leppard ($5.6 million)

Pollstar 2019 Midyear North American Tours:

05. KISS ($58.1 million)
06.Trans-Siberian Orchestra ($57.3 million)
12. Metallica ($41.7 mllion)
31. Panic! At the Disco ($12.9 million)
35. Disturbed ($10.6 million)
39. Muse ($9.3 million)
40. Aerosmith ($9.2 million)
42. Weezer/Pixies ($9 million)
44. Roger Waters ($8.6 million)
48. Shinedown ($8.1 million)
72. Twenty One Pilots ($5 million)
74. Nine Inch Nails ($4.8 million)
80. Greta Van Fleet ($4.5 million)
81. Five Finger Death Punch/Breaking Benjamin ($4.4 million)
96. Bring Me the Horizon ($3.6 million)

Two of the top rock and metal artists are still on tour right now. Get your Metallica tickets here and KISS tickets here.

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