In the fall of 2019, Metallica teamed up with the San Francisco Symphony to perform two nights to mark the 20th anniversary of their iconic live album, S&M. Tickets for the event sold out incredibly fast, and the event was eventually played in theaters so fans who missed out could experience it. Now, they're going to be released as a box set.

Drummer Lars Ulrich confirmed the release to a fan named Tracey Bednar — who works in the health care industry — last night when he participated in the "Health Care Hero" challenge on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which you can check out here. The lucky fan received Metallica concert tickets for the next time they're able to tour in Bednar's area, and a signed copy of the box set by each member of the band.

The S&M2 box set is due for release in August and will feature over two-and-a-half hours of the band's performances spanning over the two nights at the Chase Center in San Francisco. Stay tuned for further details about what's included in the package, but for now, see a photo of Ulrich holding it below.

YouTube - Jimmy Kimmel Live
YouTube - Jimmy Kimmel Live

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