About.com's Chad Bower has been a respectable voice in the metal music industry for two decades, so his top picks for the upcoming releases in 2010 are worth keeping an eye on. Many of his choices feature lineup changes in established bands throughout various metal subgenres. At the top is Anthrax, one of the Big Four bands that have been most popular in trash metal since the early '80s. The release of 'Worship Music' has been delayed for about two years now, and the members have recently regrouped with former vocalist John Bush, who was with them for most of the 1990s and earlier part of the last decade.

Fear Factory are also included in the list with the welcoming of a previous memeber. Guitarist Dino Cazares returns along with the inclusion of newcomer Gene Hoglan on drums, and the February release of 'Mechanize' will be their first in five years. The Dillinger Escape Plan also feature a new drummer and are following up 2007's highly-praised 'Ire Works' with 'Option Paralysis.' Dimmu Borgir had a more unpleasant parting of ways with both their bassist and keyboardist, and while the band has been working on and plan to release their next full-length this year, no replacements have been named.

Morbid Angel's upcoming record is definitely one of significance. It was a big deal when the Florida-based band signed with Seasons of Mist late last year, considering they hadn't released a studio album since 2003, and the band feels that the independent French label understands their mission statement better than any other. Other releases to look forward to include Meshuggah, Pig Destroyer and Nevermore.

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