As YouTube slowly takes over the as the nexus of the internet universe, it makes sense that someone is going to throw together a mashup of two disparate artists like Meshuggah and Lady Gaga. This is exactly what Finn Jukka Hintikka (YouTube user Pallomember) did with Meshuggah's pounding 'Bleed' and Lady Gaga's 'Papparazzi' -- titled 'Bleed-a-razzi.' While there have been similar mashups done in the past, the sonic interplay of the two tracks is well worth noting.

"One of my friends had found the a cappella version of 'Paparazzi,' and was already working on a remix," Hintikka, a fan of both artists, told Noisecreep. "When I heard the a cappella track -- well, I don't know. I guess some twisted neural connection within my gray matter instantly caused me to associate 'Paparazzi's' tempo and tone with 'Bleed.'"

Mashups usually involve some massaging of one or both songs to get them to 'fit,' either harmonically or rhythmically, but Hintikka took a different, less manipulative route. "Of course I experimented some pitch shifting, but found the result sounding boring and somehow artificial," Hintikka explained further. "Hence the tracks have been left 'au naturale' -- for regardless of the hideous [dissonance], I found some weird cohesion in the whole package. It sounds 'nightmarish' and 'freaky' as many have told me!"

Hintikka, who is a lab technician and a part-time teacher, also involves himself in two bands, Fatal Frame and Cerebro. The remix projects he's involved in are nothing more than a hobby at this point, but he's created a stir: the video gathered over 50,000 views in just a month and started attracting attention.

"It's also interesting that [about] 50 percent of [YouTube] commentators find the same cohesion as I did," Hintikka said. "And the other half, understandably, gain but nausea from the cacophonic audio experience. I thought all the way ... 'This surely would piss of a lot of folk.'"