There are few things uglier than the ubiquitous Christmas sweaters that show up on the torsos of spirited shoppers during the holiday season. While uncles and moms usually don these fashion atrocities, Memphis May Fire are having fun braving the cold chill of December with hilarious holiday attire on their current Christmas SweaTour.

"We figured if you're going wear some sweaters this winter, might as well make 'em ugly," singer Matty Mullins told Noisecreep. "If you come out to a show on this tour, you might catch us wearing some fine examples of ugly sweaters on stage!"

The ugliest sweater the band has seen during this nascent tour was of the lime green variety. "That pretty much took the cake already," Mullins said. The singer also said that the "perfect recipe for a truly ugly sweater" is a "combination of the Winter/Christmas theme, bad colors and terrible fit."

Destruction of a Rose, Amarna Reign and Affiance rounding out the bill on the Memphis May Fire tour dates. They've also invited fans to come to the show sporting their ugliest Christmas sweater. If the sweater is hideous enough, you may very well be rewarded for your fashion faux pas with a free CD or T-shirt from the band.