Take a listen to 'Action/Adventure,' a song from Memphis May Fire's new EP, 'Between the Lies.' It's a 'chuggernaut,' and it's full of the three M's: melody, mosh and metal. Take a listen and let your brain feel like a pinball bouncing back and forth between your ears!

"Memphis May Fire is not the band you knew, they're the band you need to know now," guitarist Kellen McGregor -- who produced, mixed, mastered and tracked 'Between the Lies' himself -- told Noisecreep. "We're armed with a refined song structure and sharpened writing skills, [we are] poised and ready to show the world that everything, including the music, is a little bit bigger in Texas."

Listen to 'Action/Adventure'

That's right, Memphis May Fire are from the great Lone Star State, so their name is a wee bit deceiving and can be slightly confusing. "Yes, sometimes it is a bit confusing for people," McGregor admitted. "On a daily basis, we get fans who assume we are from Tennessee and are genuinely surprised to hear that we are from Dallas." It's nothing a little research can't cure.

McGregor was the main architect of 'Between the Lies,' having done all the behind-the-board legwork himself. Instead of wasting money on a buzz-name producer, McGregor tackled the tasks. "Long story short -- yes, it was a cost-saving measure, and it ended up being a great, though sometimes stressful, experience," McGregor admitted. "Normally when you go record at someone's studio, they have to do all the dirty work: the editing, pasting, tracking. But in this case, I was 'that guy,' so it was definitely a switch up. It was fun and maybe a bit nerve-racking since it was the first record I had ever done, but it was great experience since that is what I see myself doing in the future."

Ultimately, 'Between the Lies' represents a new and improved Memphis May Fire. "I think most of all, we want readers to know that this is MMF 2.0," McGregor said. "We have refined our sound and have made an EP that's sure to get to get your heart beating and your fist pumping. Don't be the only one on your block who doesn't have a copy of 'Between the Lies!'"