Carl Porcaro and Chris Skowronski of Killing Time have joined forces with Uppercut vocalist Steve Murphy for a doomy side band dubbed Kings Destroy, which are storming forth out of the mean streets of Brooklyn. They're more like Yob or the Melvins than they are like Killing Time! The band will self-release a two-track EP via iTunes in May, which will be followed by a full-length in the fall to be recorded with Sanford Parker, whose worked with Pelican and Nachtmystium. You can peep the dirgey track 'Old Yeller' at the band's MySpace.

About Kings Destroy being different from the respective members other bands, bassist Ed Bocchino told Noisecreep, "We wanted to create a band that we would like to listen to or see live. We filled that void by forming our own group." The band's obvious influences run the gamut from Black Sabbath to Led Zeppelin to the Who to AC/DC, with a focus on '70s rock, which is what the members cut their teeth on before migrating to hardcore and metal in the '80s.

Eventually, the members' tastes extended to include "the Melvins, Sleep, Eyehategod, Kyuss, Tool, Cathedral, Electric Wizard and the Rise Above scene in the U.K.," Bocchino said. "Also, bands where the Sabbath influence is prevalent, like many in the Maryland scene who still have a way of mining that vein and creating something original from the familiar mold. I love Mountain, Cream and Zeppelin, and always thought it would be great to put those influences together with a heavier sound."

A 20-year friendship was the reason Kings Destroy materialized, with Bocchino saying, "Growing up where we did in the '80s, it seemed like almost everyone who played heavy music somehow knew each other. We all started playing back then, have all been jamming together for years and each of us always kept active with bands and music. About a year ago, Murphy threw down the gauntlet and demanded the band materialize."

The band will play its first live gig in Hoboken in early May, which Bocchino says will be like a party, only with doomy music. "It's at our friend Mike Moebius' place, Moonlight Mile," he said. "He's an engineer and helped produce our first recording. He is running one of the last real musical outposts in a town that used to be full of them. Every so often, he will have a kegger with bands who he knows or has worked with. A lot of old heads and good friends come out for these so it should be a lot of fun. We are excited to debut the band in a live setting."

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