Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson of Megadeth are not only united in their love of thrashy metal and their shared first name, they're both committed to the same Christian faith, of which they are equally passionate. Ellefson spoke about his MEGA Life Ministries and how his and Mustaine's faith has affected the band -- but it's not in the way that you'd think.

Ellefson said that MEGA Life Ministries, a worship group that he founded, began when his pastor asked for help. He became the music leader, since music can be a universal language and something that unites, and soon after his ministry was born.

Ellefson told Behind the Mask Presents, "To me, music is the inspiration that gets people excited about a lot of things including the faith community."

While it was not a project he had initially set out to do, it became a rewarding endeavor and one that is growing. "It’s definitely not something I thought I’d ever do but actually found it quite invigorating," the bassist declared. "It is now in its seventh year and we’ve acquired a new building so it can be its own service. The community has really embraced it."

Regarding how Megadeth as an entity is affected by two of its players and their beliefs, it's not really that much of an issue. While Mustaine has expressed the desire not to play the religiously-themed 'The Conjuring' from 'Peace Sells ... But Who's Buying?' any longer due to his faith, Ellefson explained that the song wasn't getting much live love to begin with. The fact that Mustaine is disinterested in playing it became a problem only after the band said it would stop playing the track.

"I understand some fans might be unhappy about it, but we weren’t really playing that song in our live set that much anyway," he reasoned. "It’s funny how no one takes issue with it until you say you’re never playing it again!"

Megadeth's latest album 'Super Collider' is out now.


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