Dave Mustaine, guitarist and founder of Megadeth is well known for his extremely Conservative views. In addition to his political support for the Republican party Mustaine is also an outspoken born-again Christian. But Rolling Stone reports that the rest of Megadeth have revealed that they do not align themselves with his views.

In an interview with Atlantic City Insiders drummer Shawn Drover reiterated that Mustaine "does not speak for the band" and addressed the track "The Conjuring" which the frontman no longer wants to sing.

"The subject matter lyrically is very dark, and he's not comfortable singing it. Ironically, it's one of my favorite tracks. You have to respect that if someone's not comfortable with that. Pretty much everything out of our catalog, we can pull out and play," Drover said of the song that discusses the occult and black magic.

After leaving Metallica and founding Megadeth in 1983, Mustaine led the new band to become one of the most successful metal bands ever. However, his recent support for Conservative candidates like Rick Santorum and support for conspiracy theories about President Obama coordinating recent shootings have alienated some fans, and apparently, his band mates.

From the occult to Rick Santorum is certainly a big change in values -- let's hope Mustaine accepts the re-election without much griping.

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