Megadeth fans are waiting in anticipation for the band's 15th studio album, Dystopia to come out in January 2016. A tour is all but certain to follow soon after, but Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine is tipping his hand that a U.S. run will begin in February.

Mustaine has made a point to keep in touch with fans lately, using Periscope to have live discussions while on the road. On Halloween, Megadeth were over in India performing gigs, and Mustaine took the chance to talk about a number of topics, including a U.S. run of dates. "We're not gonna be heading back into the States until, I think, in February of '16, I think, is when we start the U.S. tour," Mustaine told fans. "And we've got a pretty interesting lineup. I'm sure you guys are gonna be stoked. I can't say anything yet until it's confirmed. But it looks like everybody's gonna be accepting the tour. And it'll be four of us."

Lamb of God / Megadeth session drummer Chris Adler recently alluded to both bands touring North America together in early 2016. “There is talk of having us do a North American run together early next year, so I’d be doing it (double duty) every night,” Adler revealed. “I’m carb-loading before the show. I have been working really, really hard over the past probably 10 years to keep myself in shape. What I try to do is about a 10-mile run every day, and then I play the Lamb of God show. So I figure those two things together are probably gonna equal what I do with these guys.”

Stay tuned for news on Megadeth's 2016 tour as official news is revealed. Dystopia will see a worldwide release on Jan. 22.

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