Maynard James KeenanOn the surface, Maynard James Keenan's movie 'Blood Into Wine,' which premieres Feb. 19 at the W Hotel in Phoenix, Ariz., is an insightful and entertaining documentary about the creation of the Tool/A Perfect Circle/Puscifer frontman's Merkin Vineyards. But Keenan, whose latest musical project is the multi-media Puscifer offering, says the grassroots reason for making the film is far more ubiquitous.

"We needed to do it really. There's a lot of misconception about what is going to survive this economic climate," Keenan tells Noisecreep. "I think [people] need to dig into where they are and find out what's special about where they live and attune yourself to it and express it in some way. The documentary isn't just about the chronicling of an artist's path. It's also showing what it takes to reconnect to an area."

Keenan says his interest in wine isn't different to his attitude to music. "You are inspired by something and you want to know more. I live in Arizona, just looking at the terrain here; it just seemed the right thing to do. A lot of the writing processes with music is getting out of the way and letting the ideas come to you. That's similar to what's happening here. You just kind of sit in the space and just do it. Once you get past that original inspiration, then you can start asking questions of technicians and delegate as necessary."

The seriousness of the endeavor doesn't discount sometimes playing it for laughs in the film, though. Comedians Tim and Eric are part of a superb cast that Keenan says fits the film's ideals. "A lot of the cameos you see in the film are do-it-yourself guys as well. Tim and Eric have their own studio, very hands on. There's not that much difference to what we're doing with the wine and the way they approach their comedy."

You can check for screening of the documentary at the 'Blood Into Wine' Web site.