Mayhem have not unleashed a studio album since 2007's 'Ordo ad Chao.' Now, the legendary Norwegian black metal band has revealed they'll be releasing an as-yet-untitled record later this year. They have unveiled the first song 'Psywar,' and you can watch the lyric video above via Decibel.

Mayhem are also releasing 'Psywar' as a stand-alone 7-inch single. It is backed with 'From Beyond Event Horizon,' a previously unreleased song from the band's 2012 Budapest sessions.

It will come in different editions featuring art from Zbigniew Bielak (Watain, Behemoth) and Costin Chioreanu (Vader, Ihsahn). 'Psywar' will be pressed in several different colored vinyl editions and is available for pre-order here.

The infamous band has only released four studio albums in their 30 years of existence, but their influence on the black metal genre is undeniable. The current lineup includes vocalist Attila Csihar, guitarist Teloch, bassist Necrobutcher and drummer Hellhammer.

In an interview last year, Csihar gave a sneak peek at what he was working on: "There are couple of themes that I like. I'm going into metaphysical direction, so-called dark energy, dark matter, out of space and time, but affecting the material world. I'm talking about official science here. I thought it was very inspiring."

As far as live shows, Mayhem currently have only one on their calendar. They will be headlining the Kings of Black Metal in Alsfeld, Germany, on April 5.