Is this a joke? It could be. Mayhem bassist Necrobutcher –Jorn Stubberud on legal documents-will be exorcised. He will submit to a filmed exorcism at the hands of Bob Larson, the famed TV and radio evangelist. Is Necrobutcher doing this as part of a PR stunt to prove that exorcisms aren't real or to expose religious fundamentalists? Since Mayhem are modern day metal blasphemers, we were not shocked when Necrobutcher revealed that he is taking part in an exorcism "for the fun of it."

The event will be filmed by Norway's NRK for a special program which will be aired in the country in October. Necrobutcher told the German version of Metal Hammer that "NRK is sending me over to Phoenix, Arizona next week. There's this famous preacher. I'm not a believer, so I think he's a quack. A very religious guy. He's an exorcist; that's what he does. I'm just there for the fun of it. He's gonna perform an exorcism on me on national TV. So it's gonna be wild as f--- and, of course, I don't expect to suddenly be free from some demons or whatever. I'm just there for the fun of it and for the hell of it."

The hell of it? What a great word choice.

Necrobutcher also said, "All religious people, when they talk about [how] they talked to God or God talked to them, stuff like that, I know it's a lie. Because they look at all the people, they speak in tongue, it's a mass, they get into that stuff, they think, 'If I behave like that guy, all the people will think that I truly have an open connection straight to God' or whatever. But for us, enlightened people, we know that it's all bulls---, that they're full of f---ing lies and shit. And that's why I'm there: to give a little punch and a kick in the ass to this little quack and people saying that they have direct contact with God and s--- like that."

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This isn't Larson's first go-round with metal bands. Deicide singer Glen Benton was a regular caller, who was "exorcised" on air. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Necrobutcher walked away from the exorcism a changed man? It seems like his beef is more with Larson for claiming he can talk to God directly, as opposed to the actual nature of an exorcism.

Whatever the case, this should be entertaining TV nonetheless.