This year marks the 20th anniversary of Sepultura's game-changing record, Roots. Though Max and Igor Cavalera have both departed from the Brazilian thrash outfit, they've teamed up to perform the album in its entirety at the Amnesia Rockfest in Canada on Friday (June 24).

In the footage above, the Cavalera brothers emphatically tear through album opener "Roots, Bloody Roots." The band performed in front of a backdrop depicting the Roots album cover, which was the same one Sepultura used on the album tour two decades ago along with other props from the same tour. More video can be seen below from the Cavalera Conspiracy Instagram page.

Sepultura performed the following day and their set also included "Roots, Bloody Roots." Max left the band in 1996 following a dispute with band members who had expressed a desire to fire manager Gloria Bujnowski, Max's wife. This discussion was held shortly after Max's step son (and Gloria's son) Dana Wells was killed in a motor vehicle accident, ultimately leading to Max's abrupt departure. Igor left 10 years later and the two formed Cavalera Conspiracy.

Roots, while highly influential, is also one of metal's most polarizing records. Instrumental in the development of what grew to become nu-metal, the album focused on muddy, downtuned guitars employing a heavy emphasis on groove backed by Max's chest-thumping lyrics and tribal percussion that tied the band closer to their Brazilian heritage than ever before.

When discussing the 20th anniversary of Roots, Max was already peering even further into the future, stating, “If [the Roots anniversary shows work], I told Igor we could do the 30th anniversary of Arise or whatever, so we really hope it’s gonna work.”

Max + Igor Cavalera Performing Sepultura's Roots

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