Sepultura dominated the heavy metal scene in the '90s, and the band has achieved a legacy that is best represented by the ongoing efforts of frontman Max Cavalera. Currently working with his latest project, Cavalera Conspiracy, he's also in the process of writing new songs for Soulfly and anticipating a record release next year. Having just turned 40, the Brazilian musician took some time out to talk with Skulls N Bones for a great interview.

Many predecesors might groan about the generations that follow them, but Cavalera is proud of the metal scene and its growing popularity. "There are definitely more outlets with satellite radio and the internet sites, and I think it's good, ya know," he tells Skulls. "Metal gets more popular and then less popular, but it never dies. It survives all the trends, so I definitely think metal is here to stay."

It's no news that Cavalera has been nicknamed 'The Bob Marley of Metal,' and he's earned it through his genuine and often spiritual approach to music and life. As much of a family man as he is a musician, he's an influence on many. Interviewer Metal Mark wanted to know what sort of advice Cavalera would have for upcoming metal bands. "Just treasure the garage moments because those are really cool ya know, those will shape your life forever," he says. "Some people forget to appreciate that, but it should be something huge for bands." Remembering your roots and loving even the smallest moments can be essential to the growth of a band and professional musician.

Cavalera is still stationed in Phoenix, but you can anticipate the Soulfly album to bring an excellent tour. "There are a ton of good bands and it will be a good night for metal period," Cavalera remarks about future live plans. "We will be playing an hour and a half and we will be playing everything you want to hear. All the Soulfly albums, including 'Conquer,' so it should be a blast."

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