With Sepultura and Soulfly, Max Cavalera has developed a two-fold legacy that he recently discussed. Sepultura was the first big heavy metal band to come out of Brazil, but Soulfly's greatness is still unfolding. He has varying opinions on the latter's releases, especially their self-titled LP, which featured Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst on the song 'Bleed.' During its recording in 1998, Cavalera thought highly of him, but said in the interview that Durst "turned out to be a jackass later on in his career."

Now that newer generations aren't growing up alongside Sepultura, Cavalera feels that the live aspect is the most important tools for getting Soulfly's name out there. Having strong Web sites and an appropriate label are key, and he praises Roadrunner. "They understand, they never pressure me to do an album that I don't want to do ... That's killer for an artist."

Looking back on Sepultura, Cavalera says a five-day run, during the' Chaos A.D.' tour, with the Ramones in Brazil was the highest point for the band, especially his hometown show: "Five thousand people show up in my hometown, all Sepultura fans, so that was great." As for Soulfly, Cavalera optimistically looks at the present as its high point and continues to work on the new album in addition to collaborating with his brother, Igor, on the next Cavalera Conspiracy record.

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