Oh brother! Mastodon's Troy Sanders and his sibling, Hellyeah's Kyle Sanders, both know their way around the bass and both have shown their affinity for Orange Amplifiers, so it was just a matter of time before they collaborated on a new spot promoting Orange.

In the past, Troy has lent his bass skills and sense of humor to Orange's promotional short films, including one featuring a wonder dog. So he was definitely up for a little sibling rivalry in Orange's latest film. In the clip, we see Troy as a broken man, living in squalor as he appears permanently attached to the couch eating buckets of food while he flips through the channels. It's not long before we find out why, as a repeat of the Orange Amplifier Classic comes on the tube and the bassist just can't turn away.

In the short, the reigning champ Troy is facing off against first timer Kyle as they prepare to have a bass-off using their respective Orange equipment. Kyle goes first delivering pure heaviness coming through the two 4 Stroke 500s through an OBC810 Cab. One announcer states, "Can you feel the heat? It's like pure sex in bass form!"

But Troy is not threatened, kissing his bass with the confidence of a champ then running through a series of Mastodon licks channeled through his double OB1-500 amps through an OBC115 and OBC410H full stack. It appears that Troy is on the verge of victory until ... well, watch it all play out in the video above.

And to learn more about Orange's gear, head over to this location.

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