Mastodon's new album is nigh! In late June, guitarist Brent Hinds revealed that the band had begun working on a new record and that it was "shaping up to be a double album." As the details have begun falling into place, fans have the best news yet: a clip of new music!

In a teaser uploaded by Hinds to his Instagram page (seen below), the modern legend gives "a lil sneak preview at [a] failed guitar solo attempt working on the new Mastodon album!!" The video also showcases some new music in the background, though the sound is dominated by the thumping kick drum. Hinds is seen seated tearing away at the lower half of the fretboard in an aborted take as he shakes his head knowing he didn't nail it the way he wanted to.

Speaking with Guitar World in June, Hinds detailed Mastodon's writing ambitions, stating, “One is an album I wrote myself and recorded with Brann [Dailor, drums] and Troy [Sanders, bass and vocals] during the Once More ‘Round the Sun sessions. My part is called Cold Dark Place, and it has to do with a nasty breakup that I went through. I wrote some pretty dark, beautiful, spooky, funky, ethereal, melancholy music, which also sounds like the Bee Gees a little bit [laughs].”

As for the other component of the yet-to-be-titled album, Hinds said, “The other guys are writing another album, which I haven’t even heard yet so I can’t tell you what it sounds like. But I’ll come in to give some noodle-y leads here and there."

Mastodon have tapped producer Brendan O'Brien, who has previously worked with iconic acts like AC/DC, Pearl Jam and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and are shooting for an early 2017 release.

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