After denying reports that she had split with boyfriend Brody Jenner earlier this year, Avril Lavigne has been linked to none other than shock rocker Marilyn Manson! As rumors of a fling between the two continue to circulate, Manson has issued a hilarious response.

"Yesterday I read that I was dating Avril Lavigne," the 43-year-old singer told "And I was like 'F--k, I wouldn't do that, she's Canadian' No offense to Canada," the Ohio native said.

"I know her, I accidentally shaved her head ... but, you never know where these stories come from," the rocker continued. Wait, was he the hairdresser behind the 27-year-old's new half-buzzed 'do?

So maybe there's no real romance brewing between the pair, but was there ever a hookup? "Sometimes they have some sort of valid truth to them," Manson said of the gossip. "Did I f--k Avril Lavigne? Who knows ... I can't remember. Chances are, no. Sorry, Avril!"

"Rumors, stories ... I'm used to them," he continued. "There's a different story every day. I'm amused by them, I find the creativity of them amusing. Sometimes I think they should be more creative, I'd like to read something unusual."

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