A man, 24, was found dead on Friday, Aug. 9 at the Insane Clown Posse's 14th annual Gathering of the Juggalos, held in Cave-in-Rock, Ill.

ICP and their fans -- affectionately dubbed "Juggalos" -- have had to deal with classification by the FBI as a gang, all the while insisting that the Gathering is a peaceful event that requires little security due to the familial environment it fosters and the love that Juggalos feel for one another. This tragedy could cause some unwanted scrutiny by the agency and the media, unfortunately.

The Riverfront Times of St. Louis confirmed that deceased is Cory Collins of Harrisburg, Ill, a town located 35 miles northwest of the event location. The cause of death is still pending, according to the coroner, although it is suspected that Collins died of a heroin overdose.

Collins reportedly crossed "the drug bridge" on the site, saying that he felt sick. He asked the owner of a large tent who was camping on the grounds if he could sleep in the tent for a little bit, pointing out that Juggalos are like family when making his request. The owner allowed it and Collins laid down next to four other people who were already asleep.

The tent's owner, who admitted to taking mescaline, returned at 2PM to check on his guest and found a cold body. He went to lift Collins' arm to check for a pulse and noticed track marks.

When he did so, he said, "The guy's whole body came up -- rigor mortis had begun to set in -- and blood came out of his mouth."

Yikes! That had to be scary. We're sorry to hear about Collins' passing at what is meant to be a fun event for ICP fans.