We already know that karate moves are generally frowned upon in the pit, but WWE moves? C’mon now. At a recent Machine Head show in Southampton, UK, a man was knocked unconscious for 45 minutes after being suplexed on his head by another member of the crowd.

Always looking out for their crowd, Machine Head stopped their set once the audience indicated that the downed fan, Dan Giles, wasn’t getting up. Instead of finishing their set, Machine Head waited with Giles until an ambulance arrived. In a great deal of pain, Giles remained on the venue floor for 90 minutes, eventually able to walk to the ambulance and get looked at.

“To say that Machine Head does NOT in any way approve of this WWE-type of behavior at our show would be a fucking understatement,” writes frontman Robb Flynn. “It should go without saying that picking somebody up and slamming them on their head, is COMPLETELY FUCKING LAME! I can’t imagine the dude who did this is a Head Case or even someone who regularly goes to metal shows. More like some asshole there to start shit.”

Flynn continues, “This is the 2nd show in a row now, where we’ve had to stop the concert because of a serious injury. Complicating things even more, is that for the first time in 24 years of touring, people are now regularly waving-us-down to ‘stop playing’ because someone fell or got hurt. It happened 4 different times last night, and we finally stopped when there was clearly a serious issue.”

There’s a reason WWE constantly air “Don’t try this at home” PSAs. Look after your fellow fans in the pit, everyone, and don’t be the dummy throwing people onto a concrete floor.

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