Halestorm are having a banner year in 2013 and it's only April. The Central Pennsylvania band took home the Grammy for Best Hard Rock + Metal Performance for "Love Bites (So Do I)" in February. Now, they are performing at the 2013 Revolver Golden Gods with Metallica of all bands! The show will be broadcast live on national television through AXS TV and broadcast in the United States and key international markets through Xbox LIVE and Facebook.

Noisecreep spoke to Hale about where her Grammy is, how she really feels about winning it, her not-so-secret talent and more! We found her to be refreshingly down to earth, even though her head could have easily been in the clouds! She has the aura of someone who can't quite believe her good fortune and that this is really happening, and that she pinches herself every once in a while to make sure that it is.

Ok, so how do you really feel about winning the Best Hard Rock + Metal Performance Grammy this year?

My mind is blown. There have been so many dreams of mine that have come true. This is something I have been working on since I was 13. It's humbling and emotional. We're a 'stop and smell the roses' type band. Every few weeks, we have to sit back and think, 'We're really doing this, guys!'

Did you prepare a speech? Or were you totally shocked to notch the win?

We had nothing prepared. My little brother [drummer Arejay Hale] says we should have won for 'Most Genuinely Surprised Band.' We were just happy to be nominated. This doesn't happen to us. Our peers in the category were actually our idols. We looked at it, and said, 'We're not going to win, but we'll get dressed up, go do the red carpet,' so we were excited about that. When they called our name, all I heard was 'The Grammy goes to' and I blacked out. It was an amazing moment, since we didn't think we'd win. We had nothing prepared. I wrote a couple names just in case, but we literally hadn't said or thought, 'Well what if we win.' We thought that when it was two categories away. I just wrote down a few names, just in case. Then it happened and I don't think said one coherent thing. I could have had a list but I would have forgotten it anyway.

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Where is your Grammy gold? At mom and dad's?

We don't have it yet. We get four, one for each band member, and they engrave it. They have 10 backstage, so they hand it to you, take pictures with it, then take it away and polish it.

When it does finally arrive, where will you put it?

On a shelf somewhere. It's going to my mothers house first. I am sure we'll be on the road when it gets to someone's house. My mom is like, 'Can I open it?' I might let her! We took our moms to the Grammys, since this might never happen again and I am not holding out hope for another! Our moms were very deserving. My mom was screaming, everyone was crying. It's validation that we weren't crazy, that our parents weren't crazy for letting us do it and bar owners weren't crazy for letting us play.

The Golden Gods are right around the corner - what are you looking forward to?

So many things. I really hope my brother gets [the award] for Best Drummer, for himself. Everyone is catching on to what I knew his whole life -- that he is freaking legendary. That kid is like a little Keith Moon.

Plus, you get to say you played with Metallica!

Yes, that's awesome!!!

How do you survive as a girl on the road? Are you a rough and tumble tour-er?

I have learned that you can't be high maintenance on the road. I've groomed myself to not be high maintenance. You have to maintain and be a girl and not become a dude. Some girls start out like this one girl I know. She is an amazing chick, like Gwen Stefani, and is in a local band in Central PA. Once she got on the road, she became a dude with no showers, makeup. I am holding on to every shred of femininity that I can with heels and dresses. There is a way to do it. You have to find your own pace. I can be dressed and photo ready in 10 minutes, and my brother is still getting his pants on and brushing his teeth. I think I've won!

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What are some non-musical Lzzy Hale hobbies?

I like to sew and I am into bending metal and making industrial jewelry. I sew a lot of my own clothes and customize stuff. It's not entirely rock 'n' roll but it keeps my hands busy in another creative outlet.

I also collect exploitation films, the cheesy '70s movies that Quentin Tarantino was inspired by. I don't talk about it when my brother is around; he doesn't know that I did that. These are the ones that have a lot of nudity. I'll be like, 'I'm sorry, cover your ears!' It's the little things that take you away from reality.

How often do you return to Central PA? Does that lifestyle that you came up in blow your mind, too?

We get to go back and it's an experience. I have always been 'small town.' I was born outside of Philadelphia, so we lived on a 20-acre farm, and then spent two years in a log cabin on the Appalachian Trail. We lived outside of York in Red Lion, which is an amazing town. It's perpetually 1982 in that town. The mullet is very much alive and two of the most endearing qualities are the people who put the couch on the porch in the summer and there's a red and white wine made especially to go with pizza since that's the ultimate Saturday night. It was a great place to cut our teeth. We could play the rock 'n' roll we wanted without worrying about making it or drawing a crowd. People could come out and listen and get drunk.

When we recorded, my central PA accent would come out, and [producer] Howard Benson would say, 'Your Pennsylvania Dutch is showing.' It is still very much in me and I am grateful to be from there. We are playing the York Fair for the first time in many years.

Will Halestorm continue to kick it on the road this year?

We're going to new countries and new states. This will be the year we complete all 50 states, doing Alaska and Hawaii. A lot of doors are open and we are grateful. I don't say this often enough, but a huge thank you to everyone who believes in us. That sounds cheesy, but it is incredible. We've been Halestorm for 16 years.

The Fifth Annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards show presented by Epiphone® is set for Thursday, May 2 at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles. Metallica will perform live and receive the "Ronnie James Dio Lifetime Achievement" Award, Rob Zombie will receive the "Golden God Award", and Tony Iommi will be honored with "Riff Lord" Award.

The show will be broadcast live on national television through AXS TV and broadcast in the United States and key international markets through Xbox LIVE and Facebook.

Pick up Halestorm's The Strange Case of... on iTunes and their In the Live Room acoustic EP here.