Does Lorna Shore's Will Ramos remind you of a Lord of the Rings character on the new song "Into the Earth"?

The shredded screams of Lorna Shore's Will Ramos bring to mind the raspy Lord of the Rings villain Gollum — or Smeagol, as the fictional creature was also called — in part of the deathcore band's latest single, "Into the Earth."

The brutal song came out on Wednesday (June 22). It follows Lorna Shore's equally monstrous "Sun//Eater," released last month, which is the first single from Pain Remains, Lorna Shore's forthcoming fourth studio album. The full-length LP arrives in October, and "Into the Earth" gives further indication of the band's direction on the effort.

Listen to the new tune near the bottom of this post, and hear the Gollum-like vocals at around the 4:25 mark.

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Uncovering the meaning behind the song, Lorna Shore says, "'Into the Earth' is about the initial fear and acceptance of the subconscious whilst falling into a state of lucid dreaming."

An official music video for "Into the Earth" arrives at 12PM ET on Wednesday. Watch it underneath the lyrics for the song and the track itself. Under that, see how Ramos learned to scream.

Lorna Shore, "Into the Earth" Lyrics

Sensation leaves as I'm drifting slowly
Illusions torn from my splintered veins
Reality shifts like pages turning in the wind
I'll become the sun
I'll become a god
I'll become the dreamer
Dreaming, frozen, in my anxious mind
Feeling slowly fades into plasticity
Is this the end or just the beginning
Lucidity or nightmare unfolding

My heart, my soul
My body has grown so cold
Converge, I crash into the Earth

Lost in the scape terrified
Break me free from this nightmare
Stifled by realms uncertain
I can't escape
Let me go, I'm fucking horrified
Now all my fears are personified

Numbed to the call of a broken idol
Descent of the mind, losing touch

Hallucinations of familiar sensations
Envelope me in inebriation
The continuation of a world
With no reins bound for destruction
Within this fevered dream
I will have forgotten

Releasing me
Vivify this world falls in my descent
Realizing this world is but projection of my mind

Lorna Shore, "Into the Earth"

Lorna Shore, "Into the Earth" Video

Watch: How Will Ramos Learned to Scream

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