According to a variety of news sources -- reports Noisecreep was able to independently verify through a number of sources -- seminal Washington, D.C. post-hardcore outfit Jawbox are reuniting, just in time for the Nov. 23 reissue of the band's 1994 major label debut 'For Your Own Special Sweetheart.'

Sources claim the band, which disbanded back in 1997 and influenced acts like the Deftones and Thursday, will be revived after a dozen long years during a special performance on NBC's 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' on Dec. 8, and that the band's supposed to do a few one-off club dates later this winter.

The band was part of the crucial D.C. hardcore scene of the early '90s, along with Fugazi and Shudder to Think. Jawbox are considered one of the scene's first major label casualties, having signed with Atlantic Records back in 1993.

Since splitting, frontman J. Robbins and guitarist Bill Barbot released a pair of LPs as Burning Airlines, and Robbins has also become something of a sought-after producer these days, working with bands like the Promise Ring, Braid, Jets to Brazil, Yeasayer, Against Me and Clutch. Meanwhile, bassist Kim Coletta has been running Desoto, a label that's been home to bands like Dismemberment Plan, Maritime and Shiner.

This news is obviously huge for anyone who wasn't five when the band broke up. Jawbox was essential listening for all hardcore kids. And chances are, if you're not familiar with them, you're familiar with at least one of their songs. The Deftones did justice to the band's track 'Savory' years ago; their version of the track is available on the Sacramento metal act's 2006 set 'B-Sides & Rarities.'

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