Deathcore act Lorna Shore is no stranger to making news - they've been on a breakout streak the past year, going so far as to nab a spot at Lollapalooza this past summer and just releasing the critically hailed new album Pain Remains last week, Oct. 14.

But being on the news - that's a new one for the band. Guitarist Adam De Micco recently appeared on Kansas news station FOX 43 AM Live ahead of Lorna Shore's tour stop in Lawrence, KS on November 13 to talk about the new music, his influences (including '90s boy bands early on) and his "simple life" outside the band.

The anchor - who appeared a bit out of his element at first - gushed, "I've been rocking my head off" to the tunes, and started the conversation by asking, "What got you into kind of music-making, especially like deathcore metal as I understand is what the genre this is?"

De Micco called it a "weird journey," explaining his venture into extreme metal. "I think it was like just a threshold as I got into like more underground music and then it just started getting more extreme and more extreme ... and it just led me to this point. ... As I've been more into finding interest in underground music, my tolerance for what I can tolerate and what is acceptable for me, I just moved the needle further and further down." He added, "Decades ago, I'd be like, 'How do you listen to this?' and now here I am writing it. .... There's just an energy involved in extreme music, that it's a nice outlet."

De Micco also shared he got into extreme music and metal later in life, noting, "As a kid, I was a product of like '90s boy bands." He added later, "NSYNC is a gateway drug. Be careful about Justin Timberlake." De Micco also revealed, "I had an older cousin that had posters of Metallica, Ozzy and Slayer and stuff like that and I was like, 'What is this? This is insane. How do you listen to this?' And now here I am."

The guitarist said his musical path led him initially to emo bands like My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail and Thursday. "It kind of progressed into more extreme metal bands - now it's into a point of being into these older European black metal and death metal bands," he said, referencing Behemoth and Dark Funeral and calling The Black Dahlia Murder a huge influence.

He also touched on how Lorna Shore "used the internet" to make it big and move out of New Jersey. "We were just a small band and used the internet to our advantage. It was a tool that people from different parts of the country or the world found out about our record."

De Micco also touched on the "crazy journey" Lorna Shore has been on the past year amid lineup changes and controversy a few years ago that rocked the band. "Within the past year and some change, it's been on the up and continues going up and it's just been an awesome time."

He added, "Most of the time we've been a band we've been just kind of clawing at opportunities or felt counted out or just like we were at the bottom. ... For once, we were not that and it was a weird adjustment ... Now everyone is seeing us in a different light that we're not used to."

See the full interview below and catch Lorna Shore on tour by getting tickets here.

See Lorna Shore's Adam De Micco appear on Kansas news station

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