Lita Ford exudes sexuality. In conversations with her, she and her husband joke around about their sexual prowess. After all, the couple named her latest album, 'Wicked Wonderland,' after their nightly ritual of sex. So it only makes sense that the rocker chooses her top 10 songs to make love to.

"It might be hard to believe but my husband and I are VERY into sex," Ford tells Noisecreep. "After 15 years we're freakier, more adventurous and continue to enjoy each other more and more, every single night. With this in mind, I thought I'd share my top 10 songs to get your freak on to. After all--love makes the world go 'round."

10. Rod Stewart -- 'Hot Legs'
Gotta love it when a man admits that he's pussy-whipped! Jim, whom I affectionately refer to as either 'Meat Whistle' or 'Big Daddy', has no problem admitting that he is!

9. David Bowie -- 'China Girl'
Soooo sexxxy! 'Just you shut your mouth' -- mmmmm. I love that line, but Jim and I just gag each other!

8. Rolling Stones -- 'Wild Horses'
The words in this classic are wonderful. What a romantic song. Doesn't get much better than this.

7. Metallica -- 'Battery'
If you want it rough -- this is your song! Be careful with this one though – if you got a Big Daddy, too -- you might have trouble walking the next day!

6. Whitesnake -- 'Slide It In'
What can I say about this one? The name of the song already says it all! Where's my meat whistle when I need him?

5. Nazareth -- 'Love Hurts'
What a great song! So much emotion in those vocals. My man always makes love hurt -- but it hurts so good!

4. TLC -- 'Red Light Special'
These girls are so damn sexxxy! Wow -- Big Daddy gonna give me the Red Light Special tonight, and I'm bringing the cuffs. Ladies, men have nipples, too -- try biting them -- works for us!

3. Marilyn Manson -- 'The Beautiful People'
Filthy. We love this one. If you want it hot and sweaty -- this one does the trick! Ladies try giving your man a nice hard spanking -- he just might like it -- mine sure does! Make sure you can see your handprints on his ass when you're done.

2. Lita Ford -- 'Indulge'
I know I shouldn't pick one of my own but I can't help it! This is a duet I did with Jim and it's 100-percent sex! We were actually getting our freak on while we recorded it! Doesn't get any more freaky than that!

1. Nine Inch Nails -- 'Closer'
Nasty, freaky, dirty, just the way we like it! I know what we're doing tonight! Get over here Big Daddy - gimme that Meat Whistle!

Ford releases 'Wicked Wonderland,' her first new album in 14 years, on Oct. 6. Throughout October and November, Ford will be on the road with Queensrÿche, and advertisements for her album will appear on nearly 17,000 movie theater screens nationwide. The spots will include snippets of 'Wicked''s ballad 'Sacred,' for an estimated audience of 17 million to hear.

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