At the famed NAMM trade show every year, one of the hot spots is the Taylor Guitars showroom. Sure, they are renowned for making some of the greatest guitars on the planet, but their room is also where some of the more notable live performances take place. You just never know who might show up.

On day three of this year's show, none other than the lovely Lita Ford made a special appearance to play stripped down versions of two of her most beloved songs, 'Kiss Me Deadly' and 'Close My Eyes Forever.'

Just before taking the stage, Lita sat down backstage exclusively with Noisecreep to talk about her much-anticipated new album, 'Living Like a Runaway,' due later this year.

Last we spoke, you told us you were really loving the new songs.

It's stupid how much I love these songs. I played one in the shower this morning! When I put my makeup on, I listen - I just adore them. Plus, I am living with these songs to just make sure they are right - so far- they are right - but it I need to tweak them I will. We are almost done.We have just one more to write - the 13th track. I've channeled lots of things in my personal life into the new songs. It gets ridiculously heavy - so heavy - but also touching, heartwarming - i think a lot of people will relate to to the new album.

Charles Epting
Charles Epting

Talk about the title of the album.

The title is 'Living Like a Runaway.' I really am. It's not about my old band - it's about the divorce, getting out of it with just the shirt on my back - and moving on. The first verse of the title track is about my mom and my dad - they're telling me to just be me, go be free and do what you have to do in life - you have our support. Then the second verse is about me on the road, looking at the starts and praying to God to guide me. And God tells me to go and be a runaway.

Does your faith guide you?

My faith means more to me than you can ever imagine - the faith of God has guided me through this album in the most unbelievable shape and form.

Many artists try to lay it all out but it's got to be hard to actually do.

It is, but it's worth it. Eminem always does it. It's real. And for me, this is real. This is my life and I'm just trying to make sense of it. That's why I'm also working on my autobiography. For me, I'm at the flip side phase - the b-side of life. This is just he beginning of that other side and I'm really excited about it.

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