Lita FordMothers have it hard. There's the tough choice of leaving the kids to work, and the financial sacrifice of staying home. But what happens when that sacrifice is made by a platinum selling rock diva? Lita Ford made the choice to put her career on hold to raise her two boys -- and she wouldn't have it any other way.

"If a woman wants to be with her children and has the financial means, then all they have to do is go for it," Lita tells Noisecreep enthusiastically. "Let me tell you -- it's the most demanding and rewarding job I've ever had. The life I have with my husband and kids is amazing! I'm so grateful for the life we share. To be able to have such an awesome family and be able to go out and rock is just incredible."

Today, Lita releases 'Wicked Wonderland,' her first album since 1995s 'Black.' A true family affair, Lita penned the album with musician-husband Jim Gillette of Nitro fame.

Back in the mid '90s, Lita walked away from the bright lights of fame to start a family with Jim. They made a drastic move to a remote Caribbean island, Lita putting down her axe and picking up a pencil to home school the couple's two boys. She might well be mother of the year, but Lita says she's not judging anyone for their personal decisions.

"If [working mothers] want to be with their kids and can't -- I'd tell them I'm sorry that they don't have that option. If they aren't with their kids because they've chosen to have a career or whatever, then that's their decision. I know a lot of women that could be with their kids and choose not to. To each their own."