DJ Cummerbund is at it again. The mashup master who recently brought us a union of Marilyn Manson and Shania Twain for "Man I Feel Beautiful," and before that Foo Fighters combined with Rick James for "Freaktender," has outdone himself this time, mixing Disturbed and Stevie Wonder.

The foundation of this unthinkable merger are built upon Wonder's "I Wish," the lead single from his landmark 1976 double-LP Songs in the Key of Life, and Disturbed's 2005 cover of the Genesis hit from 1986, "Land of Confusion." But pay close attention, and there is so much more, as evidenced in the accompanying video clip, which can be viewed above.

Disturbed's monster smash "Down With the Sickness" accents the track throughout, as does Wonder's "Superstition," though it's around the halfway point when things truly get surreal. Somehow, "Mr. Roboto" by Styx figures into the breakdown, and to kick it back up a notch is none other than Will Smith in full "Wild Wild West" mode. The latter makes sense it sampled "I Wish" when it came out in 1999. The ultimate kicker is when "Hit the Floor" by Randy "Macho Man" Savage comes from out of nowhere. Yes, the late, wrestling legend dropped a full album of dancefloor ready hip-hop in 2003 titled Be A Man.

Somehow, it all works, really, really well. When your head stops spinning from this one, be sure to visit DJ Cummerbund's official YouTube channel for more of his musical mashup insanity.

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