Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst is among a lineup of musicians who've landed a role in A24's new horror film called I Saw the TV Glow. 

Directed by Jane Schoenbrun and starring Justice Smith and Brigette Lundy-Paine, I Saw the TV Glow tells the story of two teenage friends who are enamored with a horror series on TV that gets canceled, and eventually causes them to question reality. In addition to Durst, Phoebe Bridgers and Snail Mail’s Lindsey Jordan will be featured in the film. All three artists will also portray musicians in the movie, according to Consequence.

There isn't a trailer or set timeframe for release quite yet, but The Hollywood Reporter notes that the movie wrapped up production earlier this month, and is currently in the post-production stages.

Durst is no stranger to the film world. Not only has he appeared in a handful of movies, including Zoolander, Be Cool, Population 436 and Play Dead, but he's directed and worked in the music department for several others as well. The first movie he directed was the 2007 drama The Education of Charlie Banks. During an interview in 2008, he discussed his transition from musician to movie director.

"Well, I always wanted to be a film director, and along the way I had a wonderful time with the success of music, and I think it was a natural stepping stone for me to be behind the camera," the vocalist said.

Most recently, Durst directed the 2019 psychological thriller The Fanaticwhich starred John Travolta in the lead role. Considering Limp Bizkit dropped their most recent album Still Sucks last year, it makes sense that Durst would switch to working on movies for the time being.

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