Like Moths to Flames have been pushing forward their unique blood-pumping metalcore for the past several years and are showing no sign of stopping. Recently the group released their new music video for "Nowhere Left to Sink" from the upcoming album Dark Divine. 

The video features the group playing out in the middle of the desert, with a mysterious woman wrapped up in a shawl exploring in the background. Sonically, it's a change up from some of what the band has done in the past, trading in the barrage of breakdowns and straight forward metalcore for something a little more melodic. The song doesn't lose its "heaviness" per se, but instead the chunky metalcore guitar riffing is twisted into the power of something more straight forward. It doesn't meander, letting the song build up a bit of drama, before pummeling listeners with a killer breakdown. The heaviness is intensified on screen, with meteors striking the desert landscape at full force.

"We are excited to share our video for 'Nowhere Left to Sink,'" singer Chris Roetter says to Alt Press. "The team has worked tirelessly to get it wrapped up. The song and video explore different elements of the band that some people have probably not seen from us before. I think it acts as a good bridge to the rest of the record."

Dark Divine comes out Nov. 3 through Rise Records, their fourth full-length LP. Check out the band's pre-order page to grab the album.

Listen to "Nowhere Left to Sink" above!

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