If Steven Tyler is out as Aerosmith's frontman, as the online rumor mill's been suggesting, who would take over behind the microphone if the band does, indeed, carry on without him? Well, anyone who had their money on Lenny Kravitz for the vacancy needs to rethink that wager.

On Monday, Kravitz dismissed media reports that he's mulling the possibility of joining the band as Tyler's replacement. He did so via Twitter.

"As much as I am flattered that Aerosmith's camp would consider me to front the band, Steven Tyler is a family friend, and no voice could ever take the place of his," Kravitz writes on Twitter. "I hope the band stays together. They are classic."

Rumors that things have become tenuous between the band's members started catching speed once Aerosmith canceled the remainder of its summer tour -- after Tyler slipped off a stage in Sturgis, S.D., and broke his shoulder. Since then, several members of the band have spoken publicly about Tyler's seeming reluctance to return to the studio and churn out another studio LP.

In a recent Rolling Stone feature, former Geffen Records executive John Kalodner explained that he'd been talking Marti Frederiksen, who co-wrote the band's album 'Jaded.' The two spoke and agreed that, while it would be impossible to replace Tyler, the only person who might be able to pull it off is Kravitz.

In recent weeks, Aerosmith's members have hinted that Tyler might be using drugs again, and considered Tyler's decision to secure different management from the band a strange move.

In a recent interview, guitarist Joe Perry says there's "no personal antagonism" between the band's members, and that Tyler has just "drifted away."

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