Lamb of God celebrated the release of their new album 'Resolution' by playing a sold out show at New York City's Irving Plaza last night.

LoG are at the point in their career where they can play much bigger venues, but they chose to keep the release date gig intimate and it served them well. If they were aiming to connect directly with the fans, this was the way to do it and their mission was successfully accomplished.

The band ripped through a setlist comprised of plenty of new songs, like 'Desolation,' 'The Number Six' and 'Ghost Walking,' as well as older material, such as 'Ruin,' 'Walk With Me in Hell,' 'Now You've Got Something to Die For,' 'Redneck,' 'Hourglass,' Set to Fail,' 'Contractor,' 'Laid to Rest' and 'Black Label,' with the reckless abandon and fury of young turks half their age.

Despite his recent online ranting about the political arena and the upcoming election, jokingly nominating himself for the job of president in the process, frontman D. Randall Blythe didn't use his time on stage to spew about that. He was more interested in asking the local crowd who they would be rooting for in the upcoming Super Bowl, jokingly asking if there were any Patriots fans in attendance. That was met with a chorus of boos from the largely New York Giants audience.

He also referred to the crowd as sounding like "a herd of old f---ing women" when it didn't respond loud enough to something he said. While the band was tuning up before a song, Blythe asked, "Do you guys like Slayer? Of course you f---ing do. Wanna hear some? Tough s---."

Honestly, yes, Randy, we all love Slayer and we love when metal bands rip through a Slayer riff or cover a Slayer song while on stage, but tonight, we didn't need or want it. We were more than thrilled to bask in the power and the grooves of Lamb of God.

Watch Lamb of God's Performance of 'Ruin' @ Irving Plaza on Jan. 24

'Resolution' has a chance of debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 next week, so it's up to you, metalheads, to make that s--- happen! Go out and grab a copy now. Do it for your country and for metal.

Lamb of God tour dates:

January 25th- Boston- The Paradise

January 26th- Philadelphia- The Trocadero

January 27th- Toronto- Phoenix Concert Hall

January 28th- Washington DC- 9:30 Club

February 12th- Seoul, South Korea

February 14th- Shanghai, China

February 16th- Taipei, Taiwan

February 18th- Manila, Philippines

February 20th- Singapore

February 22nd- Tokyo, Japan

February 23rd- Osaka, Japan

February 25th to March 5th- Soundwave Festival, Australia

March 7th- Auckland, New Zealand

March 9th- Anchorage, Alaska

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