Lamb of God dropped the first trailer for their upcoming film "As the Palaces Burn," which is scheduled for release in 2013. The film focuses on the impact that music, especially heavy metal, has made on people around the globe in the 21st century. Filming has already taken place in far-flung locations like Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, India and Israel, with filming in the U.S. planned and on the horizon. Watch and enjoy. [Lamb of God Press Release] [YouTube]

King Diamond's "Grandma" is the latest person featured in a Q+A session on his YouTube channel. Now, it's not the King's real grandmother, but Jodi Zachia, the actress who toured with the metal legend, playing characters such as Grandma, Lula, Jeanne Dibasson and Countess Mariam Natius during the stage show. [Brave Words]

Earsplit PR, the boutique publicity firm representing only the most extreme and br00tal metal around, will host New York City's Precious Metal event on Monday, June 18, at the Lit Lounge, nestled down in the Lower East Side. The festivities begin at 9PM and end ... well, whenever! Prepare to call out sick on Tuesday if you go, since it'll be loud and late. Vise Massacre, The Year Is One, Nightbitch, Windfarer and Seizure Crypt are all set to perform at this gathering of metalheads. Be there or be false metal if you reside in the boros or in Jersey. And no one wants to be false. [Earsplit Press Release]

Grave will drop their 10th studio effort, Endless Procession Of Souls, on Aug. 28 via Century Media. It's said to be another slab of quality death metal, which means that it will be a fine addition to the band's already-quality canon.[Via Century Media Press Release]

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