Kvelertak's band name means "stranglehold" or "chokehold" in Norwegian. When you listen to band's 2010 self-titled debut album with this fact in mind, it all makes too much sense. Produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, the record has garnered raves from heavy metal taste-makers and in-the-know fans alike. While Kvelertak fully embody their Scandinavian homeland's bleak take on black metal, there is also much more going on in their sound.

On 'Kvelertak,' the group manages to successfully incorporate everything from Voivod-like guitar lines to the riff and roll death metal of later Entombed and the proto-punk of the Stooges. Simply put, the album is a total triumph. Noisecreep is thrilled to have the official US premiere of Kvelertak's 'Ordsmedar Av Rang' video, in which you can watch the band lay waste to an audience.

Watch Kvelertak's 'Ordsmedar Av Rang' video


Released in Europe in late 2010, 'Kvelertak' received a North American release on March 15 via The End Records. The North American edition includes six bonus tracks: live recordings of the songs 'Fossegrim,' 'Sjøhyenar (Havets Herrer),' 'Blodtørst,' and 'Mjød' from the BBC Sessions last year, as well as demo versions of 'Ordsmedar Av Rang' and 'Utrydd Dei Svake.'