It sounds like a grandparent's story, but when visiting Chicago, the metal act He is Legend walked nearly a pretty hefty distance to hit up a hamburger joint revered by musicians and fans alike.

Kuma's Corner -- which is up for "Manliest Restaurant in America," on, AOL's men's site -- is known for its sandwiches named in honor of heavy metal bands.

"We walked all the way through Chicago to go get a cheeseburger at this place called Kuma's Corner," said singer Schuyler Croom, who also goes by the name Schuyler Dane.

"For the first couple of years they were open, they only had one burger, the Kuma's Original, a cheeseburger with a fried egg and bacon," Croom said. "After that, they started naming all their burgers after heavy metal groups, which is so rad. It was packed. We ended up walking 10 miles, and when we got there it was like a two-hour wait. We were just like, 'S---.' It was amazing though. It was well worth the walk. I want them to overnight me a cheeseburger."

Kuma's Corner, he said, is "very rock 'n' roll," naming burgers or sandwiches after the likes of Pantera, Pig Destroyer, Led Zeppelin and the Melvins. The Neurosis burger is adorned with cheddar, Swiss, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions and horseradish mayo, and will run you about $10. The Metallica, on the other hand, features buffalo sauce, bacon and bleu cheese dressing -- and also costs $10.

On its Web site, Kuma's Corner lists a number of "rules" for visiting the place: It does not take reservations; it will not "put on the game, bro"; no music requests; no minors after 10 PM; and the kitchen is only 16x16, so please be patient.