Kreator"Good evening New York City. We are Kre-a-tor!" frontman Mille Petrozza told Nokia Theater on March 6. Kreator were in New York City celebrating their 25th anniversary. It's their second round back in less than a year -- the German band last toured North America in April 2009 with Exodus and Warbringer. But this time, they promised an-old school set. And that they gave.

"When I come to New York and I see the moshing and the old-school circle pit, it brings me back to 1985 when Kreator was recording 'Endless Pain,'" Petrozza said.

He kept requesting a historical mosh pit, but the crowd could only do so much. He wanted to see the venue from wall to wall in a pushing war. Instead he got a circle of mosh lined with many joint smokers -- which I'm sure in the end the band respected the contact high just as much.

Petrozza expressed that the band was happy to be in town on a Saturday night. As one of the first warm nights since the summer, the Times Square venue was surrounded by weekend chaos.

"This is not the f---ing middle of America. This is f---ing New York City," Petrozza said out of frustration.

After several attempts to get everyone in the room to scream "f---ing hate," they finally played 'Flag of Hate.' And a good 65 percent of the venue finally responded, but with headbanging instead of vocal strain.

Check out 2009's 'Hordes of Chaos.' After the 25th anniversary tour, Kreator will escape to a modern thrash cave and write a new album.